Includes links to some HOWTOs available in several languages to get out the best from GnuPG.
A list of online available manuals which are also provided with the software.
Unix man pages
Online man pages.
User Guides
Draft versions of the user manual are available, and there is also documentation covering interoperation with PGP 2.x. In addition, the software comes with man pages, and we have John Michael Ashley's The GNU Privacy Handbook (GPH).
Online version of the FAQs is now available. Please consult these FAQs before you ask on one of the mailing lists or report a bug.
How to report security problems.

You may also notice that OpenPGP is described by RFC-4880. GnuPG actually implements an updated version of this specification as described by the rfc4880bis document.

Community support

Mailing lists
Describes the purposes of each mailing list hosted on this server and gives instruction on how to subscribe. Links to other GnuPG-related discussion groups are also available.
The official GnuPG Wiki contains community-maintained documentation for GnuPG and related software.
Before you report a bug, please consult the list of bugs.

Other types of support

Commercial support
Listing of companies offering commercial support for GnuPG
Fediverse account for GnuPG, Gpg4win and related topics.
We sometimes post short messages to Twitter.